Boch Buys Cars

Do you have a vehicle you’re looking to sell? Maybe a lease that’s ending soon? Let us buy it from you! We’re always seeking options to add to our lineup of used cars, trucks and SUVs, and offer a streamlined process to purchase your vehicle and provide you with standout value in the process.



To begin the process of selling your vehicle to us, you can use our trade-in form, which will allow our team to provide you with an estimated price range for your vehicle. From there, we’ll be in contact and can set up a time for an appraisal of the car you’d like to sell to us, and do a final walk around and inspection before making an offer to buy your vehicle. It’s a no-obligation service, and you can decide whether the offer is right for you, or go in a different direction.

We are always sure to provide competitive offers to buy your car, truck or SUV, while also making that process easier for you. Doing an independent car sale can be a tedious process, so let us help by buying your car and handling the paperwork. This way you don’t have to make your own ads or field calls from all types of people, and wade through serious offers. When you sell to Boch Chevrolet, you’re able to get an estimated price, and if we can agree, we’ll get you your money.

Is your lease ending soon? Return your vehicle (any make or model) to Boch Chevrolet and you can earn up to $550! We will alleviate any concerns you may have regarding returning your lease, like damage concerns. Maybe you need a lower payment? We can get you out of your current monthly lease payment, and help you find something that fits your budget. Get the value of your current lease and see how we can help!

If you have any questions about selling your vehicle to us, get in touch soon. We’d be happy to further explain the process and give you the answers you need, and the confidence to sell your car to our dealership.